Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Love Your Body Day (Activism)

Last week I did my activism project; Love Your Body Day. At first I was nervous that no one would come because most people won't talk about their body in a positive way, but to my surprise, I had a pretty good turn out. I pasted out brochures that gave people facts about how the media has changed our idea of beauty and how it is not okay. In those brochures I gave them links to websites and I also gave people ideas on how they can try to stop Ads from photo shopping people, as well as negative ads. The brochures got some great feedback from people and the felt empowered to try to change the media. I also made a collage with the word beauty on it, inside the word I put pictures of the participants (with their permission) and around the word I had people write what they thought beauty meant, it is now hanging on campus. The last thing I did was ask people to write one thing they love about their body on blank name tags and wear them. I loved this name tag thing because after they wrote what they loved about their body, they totally rocked it, they felt confident about themselves and that was the whole point of my project. I think my message got across to people that beauty is diverse and we shouldn't judge each other's beauty based on what we see in the media. -Amber

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