Friday, November 16, 2012

Don't go out after dark

I find it ridiculous that women have to constantly worry about their safety on a regular basis. Why should we have to be afraid walking to our cars at night, going to the store after dark, being home alone?

 When I got off work last night, I realized I needed cream, but instead of being able to go to the store without a worry, like I should have been able to do, I had to question whether it was worth the risk. How is this right? When I am in a situation such as this, going to Ingles late at night; I feel as if I am putting myself in a hazardous situation. Therefor, if something were to happen, it would be my fault. I should not have been out so late by myself, I put myself in that situation. But why should I have to bring a buddy with me to pick up cream? I am not in kindergarten anymore!
 It is sad that we live in a world were a women has to walk to her car with her keys between her knuckles "just in case." Women do not even feel safe in their own homes by themselves. Simply by being alone, we are put in a situation of danger. A women should be able to do anything alone, at night, by herself, and not have to worry that something horrible might happen. And if something did happen, she should not be held accountable. When will we start holding the real culprits accountable, not the women who was "in the wrong place at the wrong time." I believe that this is a big part of gaining equality. As long as women have these constraints holding them down, rules they have to follow to protect their own bodies, how can they be equal? When we cannot even go to the store alone? Something needs to be done. When I am in the "safety of my own home" I should feel safe and I should be safe.Carole J. Sheffield in Sexual Terrorism say that this feeling of always being unsafe is a form of sexual terrorism. It is victimization that women have come to fear the world they live in due to patriarchy.
I found this article that I thought was very inspiring!

These woman took a slanderous remark and turned it around to be a chance to show empowerment. They took a stand and so can we! 

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