Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beauty isnt perfect

I heard this song for the first time a week ago and I didn't realize how this song went along with the class discussions in American Women Studies. This song called "Little Things" by One Direction shows that beauty is seen in many different ways. It is the little things in a woman's life that makes her insecure like her weight, freckles, or even the size of her thighs. I know that I constantly compare myself to the people that I see in magazines and on TV, and I shouldn't do. I am perfect the way I am and this song helped me see that. Just because I am different doesn't mean that I can't be pretty or special to people, I know my friends love me for me, including my "Little Things". It is time that we stop hating our bodies and embracing the "Little Things" that make each of us unique in our own way. As the song says, "But it's you, oh it's you. They add up to" so we should embrace our imperfections and show the world how much we love them and nothing is going to change our minds about it. I find it fascinating that I heard this song during our Beauty Weeks discussions, and it inspired me to write about this song. Love yourself for the way you are, don't try to change yourself because you could lose what makes you, well you! I haven't heard the full album so I can't recommend that you buy it, but I definitely suggest you buy this song on a music website. This song is truly beautiful. Also on the subject of empowering songs, I recommend you give Cover Girl by Big Time Rush a listen to as well. Click Here To Listen to Cover Girl! This song is truly beautiful as well! -Amber

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